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The Humble Begining

In 2001, a group of concerned people started a society called DAYA which was registered in 2002 with AWBI, Established to alleviate the suffering of animals, it has grown from small beginnings to become one of Kerala’s popular animal welfare organization, running active animal welfare, animal rights and Awareness programmes.

At the time of its founding, there were no active animal welfare organizations in Kerala. The vast majority of animals that were subjected to cruelty at the hands of man-in slaughter houses, during transport or capture and for other forms of entertainment, and food were largely unprotected.

DAYA considered that all animals under all circumstances has the right to be protected from cruelty at the hands of man and that the claims and interests of sport, entertainment, science and the production of food did not override the moral responsibility to prevent the pain and suffering of animals.

During the last five years, DAYA has been primarily volunteer driven and much of the work is done by dedicated individuals who donate their time and expertise and continue to do so on a purely honorary basis.

Every year DAYA conducts vaccination camps for Dogs and Cats in co-ordination with Govt. Veterinary Doctors and Muvattupuzha Municipality which is a free Vaccination Camps for the benefit of General Public. It has ensured that the Municipality has become Rabies-free.

DAYA had filed many legal cases against violation of Animal Rights in various Courts of Kerala and it has helped in creating awareness among public regarding Animal cruelty issues.

Many animals injured by road accidents or young puppies and kittens separated from their mothers are rescued and treated by DAYA.

Operations Handled

Legal Affairs




Disaster Response

Legal Affairs

DAYA, as an organization with 20 years of experience, has fought cases against animal cruelty at various courts over Kerala. Legal support to animal welfare activists as well as common citizens is also provided by us.

Key Achievements
Cases Awaiting result

C.A.No.5948/2019-THE STATE OF KERALA AND ORS. VS DAYA (Case against killing of stray dogs)


Daya has a good mixture of experience as well as fresh blood in the case of rescues, team lead by Mr.Ramesh Pulickan who is the Hon.Secretary and one of the founder member of Organization, has rescued infinite number of animals and birds.

Fresher volunteers are trained for basic animal handling and other field activities during rescue operations, Maximum care and safety of the animal as well as the volunteers are taken during such operations.

Daya have led and supported rescue operations with:

Rehabilitation & Rehoming

Daya has an excellent rehabilitation and rehoming structure. Rehabilitation section of daya handles in caring of animals rescued from distressed conditions. All the medical supports needed are carried out by this team. 

Operations handled by this section includes:
  • For achieving a rabies free zone and to avoid mass killing of dogs Daya has always supported animal birth control programme’s. All the rescued animals except wild animals are neutered/spayed before rehoming.
  • As part of the project “RABBIES FREE ZONE” Muvattupuzha by 2012 Animal Birth Control Programme taken up on a Municipality basis by DAYA by the financial assistance from AWBI during the year 2007-08. 510 dogs have been spayed / neutered during this period. We strongly is of the view that the Animal Birth Control (ABC) and Immunization scheme is the viable alternate to the mass killing of street dogs for reducing the dog population and reducing the number of incidents of dog bites.

Rehoming section of Daya work for adoption, relocation and return of animals to its natural habitat. Rehoming section works distinctively for each animal’s. In the case of adoption proper check on adopter will be made and follow-up will be made for at least two years after adoption.



As a responsible organization with a legacy of 2 decades it is our duty to spread awareness and bring changes to the social taboos and misconceptions people has on animals.Our major means of awareness are :


Distress Time Response

Daya have never hesitated to work during desperate times. Our team is always ready in supporting animals during unsual situations


Lockdown due to covid19 outbreak brought a complete hiatus.Which resulted in scarcity of food for animals in the street.We split our team and made them supply food to different locations in Eranakulam district along with our usual activities.Over 6 legislatives were covered during this course and fed over 1000 animals and birds.

Mode of Operation

Other Achievements

As a responsible organization with a legacy of 2 decades it is our duty to spread awareness and bring changes to the social taboos and misconceptions people has on animals.Our major means of awareness are :

Future Plans