DATTA is the technical team founded by Daya Animal Welfare Organisation, for the successful execution of animal birth control programs in the state of Kerala. DATTA was launched on 12th October 2021 with the support of Buimerc India Foundation.

DATTA’s Animal handling section will be lead by Shri Ramesh Pulickan (Secretary, Daya Animal Welfare Organisation). His team has four responsible and professional animal handlers. A major responsibility of the team is the safe ensnaring of street dogs, strictly for the purpose of ABC surgery, followed by their secure and intact release, back to their home turf.

DATTA has two veterinarians, skilled and adept in conducting surgeries. The team is being piloted by Dr Kishore Kumar Janardhanan, whose vast expertise includes leading government sponsored ABC programmes. Concurrently, the DATTA team too will adhere to and abide by ABC programe protocols

DATTA is supported by Buimerc India Foundation(Capital Investment Only, functional expenses are borne by local self-government) 


DAYA has, with over two decades of dedicated work in the field of animal welfare, has earned a mark, as being one of the most outstanding and efficient animal welfare organizations of India. Having registered with the Animal Welfare Board of India, DAYA’s experience and expertise in animal welfare activities stand unparalleled.

Currently in Kerala, Animal Birth Control projects are being handled by organizations that apparently have no association with animal welfare activities. We, at DAYA, have discerned quite a lot of mistreatment and erroneous procedures in animal birth control programs, over the years, with project handlers having no prior experience in animal welfare activities. Rather than complaining about the scenario, DAYA thought it ideal, to silently usher in changes, thereby making matters come to an ethical point. Thus comes DATTA, a brainchild of DAYA, specifically formed for animal birth control projects and DAYA is honoured and humbled to launch this project in Kerala at the most critical time for Animals.

Aims and objectives of DATTA.

DATTA has no short term goals- only long term objectives. DATTA emphasizes on making Kerala an animal friendly state and making the state a rabies free one. As per calculations, Kerala has around 1000000 ‘street dogs’. Getting them all neutered/ spayed is no easy task. In order to make the task easier, DATTA plans to include other recognized animal welfare organizations too, into the ABC programs, thereby giving them prior training and make our goal a common goal.

Even partial succes of the programme would go a long way in ensuring that the State’s tourism and hospitality section stands on lofty pedestals. It would also lead to a decline in the reporting of rabies related cases, by Health and Medical department. More than anything, the name of God’s Own Country would stand as an example on national and international platforms, for the initiation of a program that aids maintenance of ecological balance through wholesome practice.

The aim of DATTA is to provide a safe, hygienic and successful ABC program for those hapless street dogs and thereby give them a chance to live without fear for their safety in their familiar territory in sync with humanity

Mode of operation.

DATTA hopes to extend its services to all the Municipalities/Panchayaths and corperations in Kerala that are in need of expertise in ABC Program. Based on the requirements and the MOU entered with the LSGD, DATTA will execute the ABC Program for the LSGD through its Technical Team, in a time bound manner, with all the expenses of the project covered by the LSGD.

DAYA gets AWBI approval to conduct ABC proceedings.

With at most graciousness, We here by submit the approval provided to DAYA from AWBI to conduct ABC proceedings. Our well wishers are our biggest strength and energy… As we are stepping into next stage of animal welfare we expect the same level of support and love from your end